I did some short term work with Mr. Casey around issues with my sister. He was able to listen and support me while I had some big feelings, and then to support me as the listener while my sister spoke and expressed her feelings. I had been sitting on these feelings for a long time and because of the safe atmosphere that he creates, I was able to express and understand them. I have felt better towards my sister since my sessions.

I also did a session with one of my girlfriends. I noticed the same things; that I felt safe and heard, and that Mr. Casey’s questions were appropriate and helped us get to the core of our issues.

Mr. Casey projects a real feeling of honesty and caring. I also like it that he does not charge an arm and a leg for counseling.       Kathleen H.

Paul Casey has shown me to be a skilled facilitator guiding counseling sessions with family. His sincere and gentle demeanor, listening skills, and loving reflection were key. I would highly recommend Mr. Casey as a counselor.      Michaele J.

More testimonials coming soon!