Short Term Healing Work

Need help with expressing grief from a recent loss of family, pet, or a good friend? Core Issue Healing can help you find safe ways to express your feelings. In our safe atmosphere, you can find acceptance of your deep feelings. Usually working through present day traumas is a short term therapeutic process, but of course we are available for long term work.

We live in a society where the focus of ‘doing’ pushes down what is really going on inside ourselves. We need to take some time each day, to slow down and talk about what is going on inside our minds and hearts. When something very painful happens in our lives, the mind can go into protection or survival mode, and the feelings can get buried deep. We offer you an opportunity to let go and express yourself in a safe environment, so that you can re-evaluate what your next step is, so that you can go forward with positive, life-affirming decisions.

Core Issue Healing (CIH) provides help for individuals and families who are dealing with behaviors that negatively impact their lives and cause pain. Those behaviors include but are not limited to abuse of drugs or alcohol, self abuse, or abuse of others. We identify the issue or issues that lead to destructive behaviors and work with you to express and resolve them.

Although you may not be dealing with these exact kinds of issues, you may be feeling depressed, blocked creatively, or wondering what meaning your life holds. Core Issue Healing can help.

We believe that the body, spirit, and mind are one. We recommend and guide each client in the establishment of a daily exercise program such as yoga, walking, swimming, dance, or weight training, for example one that best fits with your schedule and that is hopefully enjoyable as well as beneficial. We will ask you to explore and find a spiritually-based practice that works for you and well help you to incorporate it into your life. Spiritually-based practices include but are not limited to meditation, church services, volunteer work, 12-step programs, and inspirational reading.

Sessions run 55 minutes. Fee: $65.00-$95.00 per hour, sliding scale.