Our Healing Services

Core Issue Healing  provides help for individuals and families who are dealing with behaviors that negatively impact their lives and cause pain. Those behaviors include but are not limited to abuse of drugs or alcohol, self abuse, or abuse of others. We identify the issue or issues that lead to destructive behaviors and work with you to express and resolve them.

Even if you do not feel that you have these type of issues, you may be feeling depressed, blocked in your creativity, or wondering what meaning your life holds. We can help.

Paul Casey is the primary counselor at Core Issue Healing. He offers one-on-one or group counseling within the safe atmosphere of his home.

Paul believes that the body, spirit and mind are one. He recommends and will guide each client in setting up a daily exercise program such as yoga, walking, swimming, dance, weights, etc. that fits with each person’s schedule and that hopefully feels like fun. He will ask you to find a spiritually based system that works for you and help you to work it into your life. Spiritually based systems include meditation, church services, volunteer work, 12 step programs, and others.

If you are interested, we offer dance and drum therapy with chanting to open the energies and liberate the mind and body.

Sessions run 55 minutes. Fee: $35.00-$80.00 per hour, sliding scale.