Paul Casey


My Story

Nineteen years ago, I had to choose between life and death, and walk away from deadly self-destructive behaviors that included abuse of alcohol and drugs. I chose with all my heart and soul to live. I had to surrender to and embrace the pain that I was feeling which had been suppressed and numbed out for so long. I was forced by this excruciating pain to speak honestly about my authentic raw emotions. I had to express with great honesty exactly what was going on in my mind and my life. Words cannot describe the immense relief I felt by being truthful to others about myself.

As part of this process there came a time in my life when I was ready to be shown my core issue, or core trauma. This trauma was located in my childhood, and then in my body, mind and behavior. Once I realized why I had lived my life in such a destructive way, I took steps to change. I attended 12 step meetings, found a sponsor and a counselor. I also looked closely at my spiritual life.

Today I have 19 years of sobriety and now counsel others who like myself, want to find their core traumas as well as destructive patterns in the present and heal them. This does not have to take years; with counseling, taking personal responsibility for everything in your life up to this point, exercise, and a spiritual life, you too can make fast progress in changing your life.

I have developed my musical talents. I write music, lyrics and poetry. I have contacts with other musicians around the world through ReverbNation. I can help you with issues of blocked creativity.

I keep myself in shape, and believe that the body, spirit and mind interact to help each other in ways we do not fully understand. As my client, I will help and expect you to find a way to exercise in a way that is fun for you.



In 2012, I completed all coursework for the Substance Abuse and Prevention Program at the University of Oregon. I have been a peer counselor in the Re-evaluation Co-counseling community for eleven years. Re-evaluation Co-counseling focuses on releasing emotions stuck in the past that are affecting the present.